A Soldier’s Prayer

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Hit again! that’s twice today.
Why don’t they get it over and blast me all away.
Never had no learning; never taught to pray;
Want to talk to Jesus; don’t know what to say.

Where’d you come from Buddy? Wasn’t here before.
Don’t look like no soldier. You ain’t used to war.
What’s that on your shoulder; Buddy, that’s no gun.
You should have some weapons; war ain’t just for fun.

Gee, your head is bleeding. Let me wipe your brow.
I got the strength to do it; I’m strong as ever now.
Crown of thorns and cross … Golly, I remember;
you’re the King, the Boss.

Thought I was unlucky; all i’ve sacrificed;
But I’m dying happy in the arms of Christ

Carol Bullard; Wilson, NC

This post was submitted by Carol Bullard.

Category: Soldier Poems
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