One sided love

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One sided love can hurt,

Maybe even kill.

knowing that you never think about me,

Yet I just can’t forget about you.

I remember a time,

When I used to hate you,

Used to curse your name.

But now that I’ve found out the real you,

My feelings really have changed.

Every time I speak,

I refrain from shouting out your name.

And I cry so loudly at night,

That people think I’ve gone insane.

Maybe they’re right,

Maybe I’ve gone crazy.

But maybe if I hope enough,

Then He’ll notice me, just maybe.

I’m Afraid you’ll reject me,

Push the love back in my face.

I’m afraid you’ll run away from me,

And think that I’m a disgrace.

Too bad I don’t have the courage,

To face it head on.

Too bad I’m just too weak.

Too bad I’m just a no one.

I hope that you’ll accept me,

Because this is just who I am.

I may not be smart, or even pretty,

But I’ll still wish for you to be my man.

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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