I wonder why

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I wonder why you said goodbye,
you broke my heart, you made me cry.
I loved you dearly, I loved you so,
I wonder why you let me go.
I wonder if it was always true,
when you said you loved me too.
You kissed me by the setting sun,
I wondered if you were the one.
I wonder how you could always take,
all these promises I always break.
I don’t know why we have to part,
I wonder how I broke your heart.

This post was submitted by Gidget.

Category: Break Up Poems
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5 Responses

  • elaika says:

    Its really, really touching..!! thank you for this such wonderful word..!! now i know I’m not the only person who is suffering this kind of feeling and now i i wonder why i still love him even though he broke my heart..!! I can’t let go..

  • maris says:

    we all feel the same way, for we’ve loved and lost, learned the lessons of life the hard way, that’s by being left behind by the one we loved the most…

  • raymond collins says:

    i love this poem

  • stacia says:

    wow i love this poem, and i can relate to it . it is exactly what i am going through right now :'(

  • stacia says:

    i agree with elaika , how can you still love someone that broke your heart <\3



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