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I ask god to send me one that I could love
That he could be forever true and I could be too
Then, he sent you to me
You are more than I’ve ever dreamed of

Lots of opportunities just passed by
And simply I really don’t care
But since you came, you brought light and music
Into my world of darkness and silence

You came and light up the candle
You’ve open a closed heart of mine
You show me an unconditional love exist
And that it doesn’t take me time to believe on

With you I feel comfortable and eternal peace
I see the perfect future in you
A perfect life and love would last long and true
You are like a fallen star from above

Your love is a light that brightens each day
You made me whole as me
You give me reason to smile in the world
And taught me how to keep true love when it comes on way

But now you are about to leave me all alone
How I wish this is just all a big lie
For I will never pass each day without make you smile
Full of love and care, happiness every night and day

I can’t believe you are leaving
And now, when will I ever find such YOU
Mine, I will always miss you every seconds of my day
I don’t think if I could smile the way such yesterday

When will I ever feel that happiness again?
When will I ever hear your noise?
When will I see your smile?
When will I ever hear your whispering voice that says “mine, I love you”
When will be our eyes meet again?

Mine, if could just to be true
To have you by my side and to really make you mine
I will give everything more than I could
As I can’t find words to say how much you mean to me
Baby, there’s nothing I can’t do for you

Yet, it feels really bad, for we will never be the same
You will always be my fantasy
For I would always dream that you would come along
Someday…somehow….. somewhere…..
Totally free like birds fly far and far as he can

Mine, I love you even more and more.

This post was submitted by wanie sani.

Category: Love Poems
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