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Take my hand and walk with me
I’ll give you love like you’ve never seen

Wonderful, Amazing no word can describe
Exactly how you make me feel inside

When i look at my future you’re all i see
Thats how i know that we’re meant to be

Nothing in my life is as beautiful as you
Can’t imagine anyone loving you like i do

I’ll chase away your every fear
Hold you close for a million years

All these roads that led me to you
Now im a believer that dreams do come true

When we’re together my life is complete
The world is still each time we meet

Never knew love could mean so much
It runs through me each time we touch

I’ll cherish u forever like priceless art
I’ll love you always with all my heart

You feel my heart with a warm embrace
No one will ever take your place

I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
Forever until the end of time

Open your heart and believe what i say
And know always that im here to stay

Whenever you’re sad or feeling blue
Remember that im somewhere thinking of you

I’d give you the sun the moon and the stars
I’d walk the world just to be where you are

With you in my life im am truly blessed
I give all my love and promise pure happiness

This post was submitted by Jason Hunt.

Category: Love Poems
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