No Time To Waste

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People start their run for life
with lots of horizon in their minds
run n run as there’s no time to waste
people run with lots of firmament in d world

run n run for their infinite goals
but little did they know,that-
in this run of their life,there comes
a siren which alerts them wild!!

a siren which hurls
‘the fear of death’
scorching inn like a pest
in fathom depths of our mind
n puts us in,a deep deep strife

the storm just passes far away
with its strong alert ,left behind…

now again begins ‘run for life’
wild thought just,off d mind
no time,no time -to waste!
n all again begins the same

just like waves which rests,
after a stormy while!!!!

This post was submitted by baseeha.

Category: Life Poems
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