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I used to love you,
The way you curled my hair,
But now the feelings are gone,
and ‘i love you’
Turned into ‘i don’t care’
Yes i really did love you,
and my feelings were truly there,
but you drove me away,
You hurt me,
but there are no signs,
because no one can see how much my heart has cracked,
You can’t make me stay,
I’m not turning back,
If you had of done things differently,
Maybe there might have been a way,
If i had stayed with you,
would i have seen the sun again?
Things seemed so hopeless at this time,
It was like i was dragging my heals,
begging just to be found,
You knew our relationship had been slowly falling down,
Till one day we had slipped and hit the ground!
I’m sorry i have to say this,
But there is no way out,
and if i don’t jump now,
I’m afraid i will drown,
I loved you,
but now that’s just words,
something that has lost it’s meaning,
and had gone for worst,
so right now its best to just say goodbye, I’m leaving you now,
Live you life happily,
I just wasn’t your gal.

This post was submitted by Krystal Farrell.

Category: Goodbye Poems
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