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To the one i love….

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How i have longed to tell you i love you..
But i was afraid of rejection.
How i have longed to be with you…
But i heard you had a girlfriend.

The only thing left, was to show you how much…
I wanted you to be part of my life…
To be my lover, my friend, my everything,
Because love is….
A valley of Joy,
A river of Hope and
An ocean of pain.

What would we do without love?
Where would we go without love?
And who would we be without it?
When its even hard to say Goodbye.
To the one i love.

This post was submitted by NOKUTHULA DITLHAKANYANE.


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I’m different
I was broken, killed, slaughtered
But i did it to myself
He convinced me, i did what he said
It was a mistake

I love him
Everyone says to forget
It’s like a broken glass
Don’t cut yourself
There is always another one

No there is not
I will buy so many band-aids
I will not give up
I fight for what i love
And i love him

I’m different
I’m going to get so many cuts on my fingers
but that glass i broke
I love it too much to throw it away
There is not a duplicate and that’s why i love him so much.

This post was submitted by Lizzie.


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Why couldn’t everything turn out?

Why couldn’t you feel the same?

Why do you never think of me?

Why was I just a game?

It isn’t true, is it?

You didn’t lie, did you?

Please tell me that it’s not true!

Tell them you wouldn’t dare hurt me,

After all the trust I put into you.

They were just lying, right?

They were the ones in the wrong!

Just please tell me one thing.

Why do i feel like I don’t belong?

It really isn’t the same anymore.

And you really have changed.

Too bad we couldn’t stay as we were,

Because now I feel ashamed.

How can I forget you?

How can I move on?

How can anyone else make me feel,

Like I’ve finally just come home.

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.

Not afraid.

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You ignore me until I see your way

But how could I trust the words you say?

Would you hurt me until I give in?

Would you resist common sense and turn into sin?

I told you I wouldn’t fall down

Never again shall I make a sound

Because if I wasn’t giving in

Then I wouldn’t be sitting here crying

But sometimes it just takes a kick to the gut

To show you how you can get back up

And maybe I had to learn the hard way

But baby, I’m coming back today

And I’m going to show you how strong I really am

Going to show you, I’m not afraid, of any man!

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.


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When I first met you,
I looked at you, you looked at me too
Our eyes met Our souls unite

When we broke apart,
I cried, you cried
I thought it was just nothing but deep inside it was just something

When we met again
My heart turned into pieces
Your hands are on her waist,
You smiled, she smiled

You don’t know how it feels
You cut me like a knife when you walk out of my life,
And now I’m in this condition and I got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
And it’s all because of you…

This post was submitted by evan mae pepito.

Broken Trust

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I smile quietly and hide my pain

Hoping I’ll never see you again

I was a game to you

I don’t why it never got through.

This mind of mine could never hold

The reason that I feel I’m growing old

You never did love me did you?

The girl with you, are you playing her too?

I was so stupid then, but now I can truly say

I’m not a game you can easily play

I’ll stay strong till the end

Hoping this heart will someday mend

No matter how much

I want your hold and touch

You broke my heart, and my trust

And all because you couldn’t contain your lust.

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.


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You never stop from talking
You bothered me by your letters
You thanked me ‘coz it’s over
Move on.

You made me think
You made me reply
I was pushed to compromise
Move on.

I am sincere for all that I’ve said
I am happy and still
You’re not and it shows
Move on.

I told you I’m ok
You told me “I think you are”
You said you’re happy for me
Which I think were all lies

Refrain from pretending
Stop relating me with your subsistence
For I am sorry with all my heart
I moved on and that’s important.

This post was submitted by Belle Eje.

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