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The wind

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I stand in the wind
to hear your voice
to feel your touch
to know you’ll always be watching

You inspired me to be who i want to be
so i stand i the wind
so you may comfort me

You were the person
I came to when I needed help with homework
You were the person
I came to when I needed a hug
You were the best

But I never got to say goodbye
so today I stand in the wind
blow a kiss
and whisper goodbye.

This post was submitted by Hadley.

Of all the things

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Of all the things i have been through,
I never thought id have to leave you.
You were there through all hard times,
you were my one and only valentine.
I cry every night and every day,
I find myself staring out of space.
But it’s time to so so now I say,
GOODBYE until another day.

This post was submitted by Jaylynn.

Message in the Bottel: “Eternally”

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I know I’m just a cast away,
who’s trapped in an island, lost at sea
who’ll spend another lonely day,
with no one but me..

I still see you as I close my eyes and lay;
so often that almost took my breath away,
so I’ll just close my eyes and pray,
for the strength I need to help me stand today;

I know that you’re so far away from me,
and from this island, I sure can’t flee,
though, being happy is all I hope you’ll be,
this just mean: I love you and
I have to set you free.

the message in this bottle doesn’t mean S.O.S
but to say I love you with all my best..
and though I’m in the middle of this mess;
this is not a good enough reason
to love you any less..

You’re almost a hundred miles away,
though, there’s something, to you,
I just want to say,
The memories we had will always be with me,
Now and ever ETERNALLY.

This post was submitted by Joefe B. Dagdag II.

The best goodbye ever!

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Turn back to look at me…
I’ll be there,
Watch me silently…
The world will stop,
But never take your eyes away…
They speak your heart,
As i look back…
To see your innocent face,
Give me a beautiful smile…
Its worth hundreds,
And as i speak my voice…
Don’t forget to hear,and then
Just say a few words…
I will make them my life,
Don’t let me go…
Till it is happiness calling,
And as i go…
Just wave me,

This post was submitted by sakhi shah.

Death’s Ruler

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Some say she died to young,
I say she lived enough.
But she was only a child,
I know.
But i do not measure time,
As most do,
For what you measure in years,
And months,
And days,
I measured in love,
And faith,
And Wisdom.
For what you measure in age,
And grade,
And skill,
I measure in courage,
And strength,
And sacrifice,
Through all of this do you see,
Why she belongs with me?

This post was submitted by Jaz Brown.

The Last Goodbye

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The city was in danger, he was told
Outside it was dark at night and cold
A soldier he was, now on duty
Some merciless people had attacked the beauty
He gave no second thought and hurried his way to the scene
It was terrifying than it could have ever been
Love for the country it was, that made him so brave and bold
He could see the river of blood flowing on the streets of gold
A vast destruction had been planned and was being tried
Only sounds of explosions and bullets could be heard from inside
A lot were injured and a lot were killed
It was his turn now, time to hit back, he was so thrilled
But an evil bullet found its way and pierced right into his heart
This was his glorious end, his life’s last part
Memories of dear and loved ones in his eyes
Still happily died for he had done it to save many lives
He came out as a legend, he had gifted his life
A daughter so innocent and a startled wife
A mother wailing so loud
And a father so proud
It’s not just a heavy box covered with The National Flag that they are carrying
It’s the weight and pain of separation
For a hero who could not say the last goodbye.

This post was submitted by Nabil Bhatiya.


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Today is the day..
The day i let go of this life
The day that i finally use that knife
The day all this pain goes away
The day everything goes black and gray
The day I let you go..
I won’t say goodbye
Because I don’t want to see you cry
Because I don’t want you to tell me it will be okay
And ask me to stay
This is something I must do
Please know it’s not because of you
Today is the day..
The day I take this life.

This post was submitted by Aly.

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