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The Break Up Truth…

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I loved you, but you didn’t appreciate me,
You had my heart, the lock and the key.

You should have handled me with more respect and care,
But the damage is done, too much to repair.

I deserved more than that, I deserved the best,
And not a man who will put me behind the rest.

I will miss our good times, our laughs and your kiss,
But I am stronger than you think, so remember this.

It’s true that I will cry over you for a while,
But I will move on without you and once again smile.

You will look back and finally appreciate me,
But I won’t love you then, you wait and see.

This post was submitted by Z .

I Know You better then You

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Love is a sweet feeling not a game,
please dont take dis on another way ..
you ll find better you ll find good..
baby now wen u feel alone no one can
understand.. .
its me who feel d love in your eyes
bcoz i know you eyes never lies.. .
sweetheart now m not in life.. .
hoping dis will take you too your high skies..
some hearts broken some hearts are in pain
dis or love story nd i was dreaming its never
going to end.. .
huh!! life changed and people leaves
cant say hows it feels.

This post was submitted by mysterious029.

No greater love

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I’m not a prince, excuse me if I’m not charming enough
I’m not a knight, forgive me if my amour is a bit rusty
Your love uplifts and excites me
The more I know you, the closer I want to be to you
The closer I become, the more I want to give myself to you

I could tell you the sun rises in your eyes,
And still that wouldn’t capture entirely the joy you give me
It wouldn’t express how your embrace is the warmest
Place I know
And your smile, a smile so pure and heavenly it
Blesses my entire being

I could say a lot of things,
And call you many sweet names,
Buy you a world of lovely gifts
Sing numerous love songs
All this I would do
Just so you know
That I have never known greater love
than you have shown me..

This post was submitted by amohelang malotha.

Me Without You

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What’s Jack without Jill, what’s day without night;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
What’s Kermet without Piggy, what’s a world with no light;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
What’s Tigger without Pooh, what’s a boxer with no fight;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
I could still see your beauty, if my eyes had no sight;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
My eyes want to see you, my arms want to hold you.
My hands…well, they’re just big and clammy.
But I miss and love you!
This is a very strange poem, you probably think I can’t write;
But if you read more of my work, you would know that I’m tight.
You make my heart soar, like a high flying kite;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.

This post was submitted by Zachary Johnson.

My Whole World

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He was what i lived for
he was why i cared.
he was why i wanted more
and why my heart was scared.

scared of loosing him
scared of all the pain.
scared of not remembering
scared my eyes would rain.

being the odd one out
the little one to the side
maybe you just cant figure out
the reasons for why i have cried.

maybe the lack of love
maybe the lack of care
your my angel from above
and wisdom for what you’ve shared.

you have given me a world
one to make me smile
you have given me a dream
now im running a mile.

This post was submitted by caseyjane.

All i need

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I still remember the night we met,
I fell soo far, and this i can bet.
The thought of me and you together,
Just wishing it could last forever.
We tried it once and let things go,
It was too hard and this i know.
I didnt think you wanted the same,
Things seemed like i was following your game.
Yet the moments we shared were calming and cherished
The moments i missed were frustrating and finished.
Until that time i woke and i knew
that at that time i wanted nothing but you.
We talked things over and thought things through
Now i can wish things would work with me and you.
Everytime i hear your name,
My heart races, things arent the same.
Everthing comes to a sudden ‘thud!’
I see your face and my heart beams,
All i want is to jump and hug.
You have my heart, my thoughts, my dreams
Your all i wanted and all i’ll ever need.

This post was submitted by caseyjane.

I’m still not over you

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You Don’t Know How Much I Loved You ..
You Were My Everything When I Knew You ..
My Heart Kept Beating When I First Saw You ..
I Just Can’t Live Without You ..
Cuz Actually I Was Lost Without You ..
We Had So Many Common Things ..
That I Just Can’t Get Over You ..
Your Eyes , Your Smile ..
The Messages We Sent ..
The Love We Had ..
People Said We Were Meant To Be ..
But They Didn’t Want Us To Be ..
Well , I Realized I Was A Fool To Listen To People!
Who Wanted Us Not To Be Together !
But I Wasn’t Even Sure If You Loved Me ..
Or Was It Only Messages !?
I Cried Over You Day & Night ..
Hoping That This Fight ..
Never Have Happened ! I Said Sorry
Too Late Hoping You Would Come Back To Me ..
Everybody Thought I Loved You For Your Looks ..
But I loved The Inner You .. Personality !
Everything .. I Wish I Had Told You This Before!
But Still I Wont Get A Chance To Tell You Now ..
It’s Really Hard Watching The One You Love ..
Love Someone Else ! But I Didn’t Know What To Do ..
You Got Over Me & Moved On ..
I Convinced My Self That I Moved On, too!
But From Inside Im Dying ..
When I Remember All The Time We Spent Together ..
The Calls & Everything , I Wished I Could Press
Re-Wind & Re-Do Everything In My Life ..
I Didn’t Think We Would Ever Break Up ..
Because Of The Chemistry We Had ..
I Dreamt Of You & Me Together ..
I Thought It Would Last Forever ..
But Now .. Im Trying To Move on ..
Because I Have To Do What’s Best For You & Me ..

This post was submitted by doushi.

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