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Always Be A Part Of Me

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Why did it have to be like this?
You’re the only one i ever miss.
I still remember our official first kiss.
Now that we’re not together, i dont know what im to do.
Life is gonna be extremely different without you.
I loved you everyday that ended in “Y”
From here, around the world and to the sky.
I guess to you our relationship didnt have the same feel.
I knew it was to good to be real.
I loved every moment we spent together,
But I thought you said “Baby, Forever”.
You dont know how hard this is gonna be for me.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
We got mad at and annoyed one another often,
But after a while, things would soften.
I said i wouldn’t cry in front of you,
But i just didnt know what else to do.
I took it as a stab in the heart,
But i gotta understand, we’ll never be apart.
You’ll always be a part of me,
No matter how hard it should be.
Maybe our love was just a myth,
But baby, we’re over and done with.

This post was submitted by Brianda.

I Love You

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Keep me close
pull me near
hold this pose
rid me of my fear.

Every time you hold me,
my heart skips
how different we can be…
with the touch of your lips.

I love you
more then you know
the more you do
the more it shows

Never let me go
always by your side
i hope you know
i never lied.

This post was submitted by taylor sheehan.

Happy to be with you, I Love you…

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I’m happy to be with you cause I love you
I’m happy because you are the one who
Can make me laugh
You’re the one I want to spent my whole life
I Love you so much

I will love you for the rest of my life
I want just to be with you
Whatever happens I will never leave you
I Love You, I’m happy to be with you

Whatever happens, whatever they say,
Whatever they do
Just promise me not to leave me,
I don’t know what I can do
If you leave me cause

This post was submitted by marah jean jaramillo.

I Cry

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I’ve missed you so.
It’s only been a few hours though.
I’ve been crying since it happened.
You and me in an entrapment.
I cried when I read the message.
That officially departed us with depression.
I cried when you changed our song.
Because it meant that you’ve moved on.
I cried when i talk to your mother.
Only to find that you didn’t bother.
I cried when I told my grandma.
Mostly because shes there for me over all.
So tell me won’t you please.
How many tears have you cried for me?

This post was submitted by Caitlyn Bauer.

How I feel inside…

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Im standing here
but you cannot see
how much u real mean to me
when i look into your deep blue eyes
my heart wells up and it starts to cry
i cant believe i just let you go
i wanna get you back but i dnt think u no
how much ur love dug into me
i loved you so much i never felt so free
but u told much to stay away
i guess that is what i have to pay
i still love u with all mi heart
i dnt no where to start
i want u back i hope u say yes
but if u dnt i understand but it wont make me love u less
i love u & good bye for now i guess…

This post was submitted by Mandy.

My Love Is Not A Democracy

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My love is not a democracy
Can’t you see what you’re doing to me?
Every time I see your face I wanna hide
But most of the time I wanna cry
My love is not a democracy

My love is not a democracy
Can’t you stop plain your games on me?
You go forward, I step back three
This is not chess, so stop trying to king me
My love is not a democracy

My love is not a democracy
Boy why don’t you stop playing me!
You love her, but then you love me
You can’t have both, so chose please
Because my love is not a democracy

My love is not a democracy
My heart is breaking, can’t you see?
I’m sick of dying inside of me
Because you can’t see that my love is not a democracy

My love is not a democracy
I’m sorry that this can’t be
I deserve more, so please just leave
I’m done with you; I’m going to be free!
My love is not a democracy

My love is not a democracy
Do you bring me back to torture me?
I try to escape, I try to leave
Stop procrastinating, it’s time for you to leave
I’m done with you obviously my love is not good enough for you
My love is not a democracy

My love is not a democracy
I will miss you, I will cry
But n the end I will service!
My love will renew itself without you

This post was submitted by Katie C. Tesch.

In Your Eyes

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Sweet sensitive eyes, they look into mine…

They make my heart dance with just one glance…

The most captivating look, read like my favorite book…

With each passing day, I can’t stop turning the page…

Your eyes are like windows to the depths of your soul…

I get lost in your eyes, I loose all control…

At times they show fear, uncertainty, and pain…

I can only hope that when you look into mine, that the sunshine will calm the rain…

From now to the end of time, when your eyes meet mine…

Everyone will see that our love is strong enough to stand the test of time…

I love you baby with all my heart, and NEVER want us to be apart!

Love, Your Sunshine.

This post was submitted by Andrea Bennett.

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