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When I saw you in the dark,
alone and bare.
When I saw you in the cold,
shriveling and without care.
I can’t help but wonder,
Is life really unfair?
Months ago,
you were contented and fair,
you were wealthy and scarce.
you are like everyone else,
crying for god,
cry for love.
Is life really unfair?
Or is it that you made your good life disappear?
Will you loose someone if you gave them care?
Will you fall if you acknowledge the tears?
when you saw yourself alone in the dark,
alone and bare.
When you saw yourself in the dark,
shriveling and without care.
Stop blaming and think,
is it god unfair?’
Or is it that I had let myself go?

This post was submitted by Christina .

Category: Sad Poems
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