Without a single word…

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So this is final… So final.
Why did it have to end like this?
Leaving without a single word…
I don’t understand.

I don’t understand how you could do this to me.
I really didn’t deserve this.
All this heartache and pain…just because I really loved you.

Just one more chance was all I asked
even though I wasn’t the one doing anything wrong.

Suddenly theres tears everywhere…
Running down my face.
Nothing will be able to stop it,
because I realized that you left like the rain…
without a single word.

I don’t think my heart will ever heal or survive this tragedy,
because the memories of you and me will never fade away
and in my broken heart you will always be…

This post was submitted by Christelle Cordier.

Category: Break Up Poems
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8 Responses

  • Anonymous says:

    This poem speaks straight to my heart.. It’s absolutely beautiful, yet deeply sad.

  • Christelle says:

    Yes… I know… It does. I was really heartbroken and cried like I’ve never cried before when I wrote this poem…

  • shijo says:

    This is similar to my love story..It really hurts a lot..I love my gal truly…I don’t know how to face my future..thanks

  • Brittani says:

    in so many ways my last relationship was like this:(
    at first we were so happy:) we talked a lot hung out a lot, && then he cheated on my it was hard when he told me that he cheated more than once…. what hurt the most was that it wasn’t just once he cheated, not twice, not three, not four, but five times.. & this was after we got matching tattoos:((
    i should’ve never got it done

  • elizzer says:

    This poem is very nice . I love my man ….!!!!

  • elizzer says:

    I love this poem !!

  • ami says:

    This poem speaks to me a lot it reminds me of my ex that I’m still getting over. We were together six months then he stopped loving me for my best I never felt so hurt but not only did I take him back I took him back three times and now I feel so stupid for doing it and I still love him very much and I’m trying my best to get over him but yet it hurts.

  • Rebecca says:

    This poem is so true and it speaks to my heart and makes me realize who I am today:))



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