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My own personal “Romeo”
Awaiting to hear that simple word
Hoping and determined to make me his “Juliet”
Arriving just in time to save my smile
Doubting his own confidence due to my rejection
Planning to show me his every dark corner
Praying that one day i will change my mind
On;y a small word has to pass through my lips
And my fairytale dream begins
Make all my mother’s dreams for me finally come true
A real-life princess in his obsessive eys
Wanting to obey my every single command
Clinging to my hip every single second
But my mind dead-set on my final answer
His heart lies shattered in front of my face
There’s already one “Romeo and Juliet” in my family
Sadly no guilt lies on my lonely heart
Nice guys don’t finish last, they just fall for the wrong girls
He wanted so bad to be my Prince Charming,
but didn’t come prepared Basically,
i’m hard to figure out and
I’m waiting for the one who can.

This post was submitted by Alisha Crase.

Category: Love Poems
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