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Im standing here
but you cannot see
how much u real mean to me
when i look into your deep blue eyes
my heart wells up and it starts to cry
i cant believe i just let you go
i wanna get you back but i dnt think u no
how much ur love dug into me
i loved you so much i never felt so free
but u told much to stay away
i guess that is what i have to pay
i still love u with all mi heart
i dnt no where to start
i want u back i hope u say yes
but if u dnt i understand but it wont make me love u less
i love u & good bye for now i guess…

This poem was written/submitted by Mandy.

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Promise! yes i said promise ,
We both doth it,
i remember it and i will,
but dout for you,
Oh! no no ,i do trust you,
but not the fate,
i know you love me ,
but i ask, “do you promise?”,
i know we will be together,
But i ask,”do you promise?”.

You promised love forever,
you promised we will be together,
you said our love is sublime,
and dear you are only mine,
but why are you not with me,where did u go,
you are my life you have to know.

Is there something i did wrong,
in spite of our relation being so strong,
you said true lover forever,
promising to be together forever and ever,
unlucky… “what’s a promise?”,
u dont know……….

You left me for just a sleep,
a sleep under the feet,
sad that you cant,
but there’s still a chance,
to be with you,
i will do so, i will do so and i will do……
for keeping my immortal love alive,
and my mortal cloth sublime.

This poem was written/submitted by keshav saxena.

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You have a heart
And your heart has you
But you will soon discover
It could break you

Love may stay
Love may go
This is all part
Of a one heart’s show

Do what you may
Do what you might
But all you can do is
Sit back and fight.

This poem was written/submitted by Mariah Wright.

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Johnny you will always be my soul mate
You were more than just a one time date
I thought you would be my one and only
without you in my life I am very lonely.

The devil separated us, by filling you with lust
You broke our trust, with me trust has to be a must,
I loved you so, more than you will ever know
You were not just my man, you were my best friend,
and my love, you were my right hand.

I don’t understand why you stopped loving me
Our future, or family was just not to be
You broke my heart into so many pieces and parts
How could you destroy me so much
But that’s okay Mr.Futch.

I’ve always wanted to just to give you my loving touch
I put my faith in you, and all you did was made me look like a fool.
Well Futch, we are over and done,
for us after thirteen years there is no more us, family,or fun.

This poem was written/submitted by Nita Upshaw.

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I got nothing to do tonight
But to think of you as I close my eyes
Teardrops were long gone and have stopped pouring
But loneliness is in my heart that is still aching

It’s been years now when you have left me
Still I’m here drowning in your memories and in misery
I guess my heart forgets how it is to move on
It still wants to go back to what is already gone

I always look at your picture when I’m alone
Thinking what if it’s me and not her is in your arms to hold
Perhaps I am happy now if it’s me in your side
But it is her, not me that you kiss goodnight.

This poem was written/submitted by mhajal0622.

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You think this is easy
it is hard for me
when you calm me down
i know it,it ain’t gonna be easy
the reason i’m still here is because of you
but when you told me the bad news
it’s like a piece of me just gone
even it hurt me badly
but i’ll try my best to forget you

I won’t let you go
but i probably should
even it is not my willing
but you said so
you already took a piece of me
and it’s hard for me to fix it

When you broke my heart
i felt like there’s nothing
meant for me anymore
but it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll just treat me like a piece of paper
i know i’m not like a shinny star
that shines under the moon light
but i need to let you know what i feel
how badly i’ll get hurt
it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll never know.

This poem was written/submitted by Pan Yen Wah.

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What should I do
Is this love true
I sit here confused
Waiting for you to pull through
My heart is full of love
Why do I give it to you
When all you do is take it
And break it
Without regards to what you do
I’m sitting here in the dark
Hoping for the light
To shine on us
And make everything right
But love can’t mend itself
So I’m left reaching for the stars
Only to discover
Happiness for me is way too far
You say you try
Yet I’m still in tears
For I wouldn’t be crying
If Your love was truly here
I’m just left hoping for the day
When you pull through
And figure out that a true man
Is all I wish of you.

This poem was written/submitted by Charlene.

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