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Only for me

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Let me confess that there is a girl
more precious than a diamond or any pearl
a girl whose smile just makes my day
a girl who is beautiful in every way
and this is a vision i can see her
that she has been created only for me.

This post was submitted by Vipul Maheshwari.

Can’t fogive myself

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This feeling I hold in my heart for him.
It is a feeling so strong that it makes my heart want to break out of my chest.
I don’t want to feel this way because every time I do, i get hurt.
My heart still belongs to him although he is gone forever.
People are always telling me that its okay and that I need to move on.
But whenever I feel like everything will be okay.
Thoughts of him come to my head and all I can do is cry.
I hide my feelings from the world but sometimes its just to hard.
I loved him with all my heart and it is my fault he is dead.
Could have prevented it but I was foolish.
I pray every night that he is watching over me and that he has forgiven me.
I’ll love him forever, even though he is gone.
I can’t forgive myself.

This post was submitted by Ammber Newcombe.

Am I deserve a second chance?

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I don’t know how to start the day…
feel so empty inside…
although I know that she’ll not coming back
I can’t live like this…
Am I deserve a second chance??

It’s all my fault…
I’m to arrogant and selfish…
Although I mean good for him,
she will not understand
Am I deserve a second chance?

Every night I think of her
It always makes me cry…
Know that she will be gone forever
be drowned in the lowest point in my life
Am I deserve a second chance?

I really love her…
much in my life…
although she didn’t love me the same way again
I believe someday…
she’ll return
Am I deserve a second chance?

But it’s all too late…
it’s too late….
Am I deserve a second chance?
I just really hate myself!!!!

This post was submitted by Irgaryan Viliarder.

It’s A Dream Come True

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Forever I doubted myself,
Whether it was meant to be,
Little did I know,
It was you and me.

How many hours have we been,
Wasting, lying in the park,
I say none,
They are never wasted with you.

Whenever I stare into your eyes,
I can never look away,
Knowing where we are headed,
It’s a wondrous journey

How your heart can be so pure
I know I will always love you,
Treasuring each and every hug,
When it’s a dream come true.

This post was submitted by Ian.

The Best Part Of Me

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Love flows like a river.
Love falls like the rain.
The thought of you makes me shiver.
The touch of your lips makes me quiver.

Love smells sweet like a rose.
Love is deep like the sea.
Your love like leaves on a tree.
Is darling the best part of me.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Sweet Whispers On The Wind

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Our love was whispered on the wind tonight.
Everything was right when we held each other.
So very tight.

Our love was reflected by the moon.
Our song of love.
We could hear the wind croon.

The wind whispered.
Trust your heart.
Go with your feelings.
This sweet love you’ll always be needing.

We were so close I could feel her heart beating.
See the love and passion in her eyes.
One so lovely in the evening.
And lovelier at sunrise.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

Empty Pages

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Watching the leaves fall down from the skies above,
I’m trying to remember the meaning of love.
The world I’m looking for is staring at me blank,
The feeling in my heart suddenly sank.
I just wanted to know what love really means,
It’s like having a broken heart is a part of my daily routine.
I feel the hot ashes smear across my face,
The clueless thoughts I try to erase.

Show me what it’s like to be loved,
I already experienced to be unloved.
Will you be the one to help me show the way?
Will you be the one that will stay?
All I wanted is for my heart to be spared,
All I wanted was to be cared.
All I wanted was you to be there,
All I wanted was to breathe the love in the air.

Now I look again,
My life stories an empty book
Now I look back then,
You filled my pages when you took a look.
Now I know what this means,
Love still doesn’t always look like it seems.

This post was submitted by Paul Candor.

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