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The girl of my dreams

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In all my years i can not say
That a girl has took my breath away
I always her to hold her close
But letting her go is what hurts the most

The Smile That i live to see
Her eyes that look right through me
I hide the feelings that i keep
But they won’t hide when i go to sleep

Dreams of her when she’s with me
In a room full of girls but she’s all i see
Then a slow song starts to play
And people move and make a way

She takes my hands for a slow dance
I think this is my only chance
She puts her head against my chest
As we move together like the rest

Soon the room gets really bright
I look down and she’s the shining light
She picks up her head and looks at me
Soon her eyes are all i can see

I run my fingers through her hair
And soon life is without a care
She leans in as if to kiss
Then she fades to a blurry mist

Soon everything is falling around
There is no noise and there is no sounds
I open my eyes and there is the light
I dreamt of her again that night

Afraid to get up out of bed
Having thoughts run through my head
Another thought runs through it seems
But now i found the girl of my dreams.

This post was submitted by A.R.L..

You completed me

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Your eyes teaches me
How to see lovingly
Your lips teaches me
How to kiss deeply
Your hands teaches me
How to touch softly
Your voice teaches me
How to talk amazingly
Your ears teaches me
How to listen carefully
Your heart teaches me
How to take life patently
you, my love teaches me
all i needed to be a complete lady.
You are an amazing person,
full of surprise and am so happy to fall in love with u.

This post was submitted by aynadis tesfaye.

Here’s to you

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Here’s to all the things you said
Here’s to all the lies you lied
To everything you told me
Here’s to every time I cried
Here’s to all the choices
That I made to be with you
Here’s to ‘More Than I’ll Ever Know’
Even though it isn’t true
Here’s to dancing in the rain
Here’s to the promise of watching the stars
Here’s to that first kiss
The one that was going to be ours
And here’s to the fact that you ‘love’ me
As I raise my glass
Here’s to all the things
You made me dream of
Here’s to you, you liar…
To you, from me
With Love.

This post was submitted by Megan.

Love for you is more then words

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In the Dark I see the light
that which make mt day brighter
there’s no clouds in my sky
with you all I see is blue
the only good news is just to see you
As i dance and praise the lord that you are here
I shall have no fear for you shall appear
my love for you is more then words
even the dictionary can’t describe the words of love
I have dreams of you no matter if its day or night
The dreams of me and you dancing underneath the light
our friendship means everything to me
and the love means something more to me
me and you goes hand and hand like peanut butter and jelly
You are my heart and soul my baby.

This post was submitted by Maurice M. Rhone Jr..


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Why? why did u have to leave me
when you know my heart beats for you
Don’t try to hide under a mask
because I know you felt for me to

I could feel it in your touch
and see it in your eyes
Did you expect me to believe
those broken down lies

Now I want the day to come when you will
once again hold me in your arms
But no I am not going to sit around
waiting for the wake up call from your life alarm

I think I am finally ready to say
my good-byes
And as I write this poem for you
I want you to know my heart cries.

This post was submitted by chels.

Why I Love You

DownUp +1

You told me you loved me.
why did it have to end?
I told you I’ll never leave you
I kept my promise you didn’t.

everyday I have to pretend
I have to fake a smile
I have to fake a laugh
I have to fake everything
is okay when it’s not

I sit and wonder everyday
what I did wrong
I sit and wonder why I
miss you.
I sit and wonder why i love you.
I sit and wonder what it would be like
If we were still together.

This post was submitted by bianca.

Disguised of happiness

DownUp +1

Even though i’m smiling
i’m breaking down inside
i’ll laugh the tears away
so the pain i can hide

To watch you walk away
& throw everything we had
now i’m sitting here wishing
i can get it back

I wish you would call right now
i’m staring at the phone
& even though there’s people here
i still feel alone

I can feel the tears
as they start to fall
while i feel like a fool
waiting for your call

I realized this phone
is never going to ring
& i realized the love we had
never meant a thing

I’ll get over you
but it’ll take awhile
& the next time i see you
i’ll pretend to smile.

This post was submitted by tia.

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