Get to know me first

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No one knows the real me
I just wish you could all see
I’m funny, cool, random and smart
I love all subjects especially art
I love to shop and play about
I’m very loud and love to SHOUT
People think I’m dull and shy
Get to know me first, before I die
I love pink and rainbows too
I love to love the real you
I care about everyone in sight
I’m very happy and very bright
I’m silly at times and may seem dum
I’m actually smart and can do a sum
I love the pool, beach and snow
Everyone please, just give me a go!
I am shy at first, but believe me
Once you get to know me you will see
I’m a great person to hang around and I love to be…. ME, ME, ME!!!

This post was submitted by L.C.

Category: Love Poems
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