My Angel

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It was midnight on July when my world had entirely changed
Changed by him
He just can’t be describe by just a simple “gorgeous”
He’s no like another nor he is someone to be compared
Because for me
He’s one in million you will pass by

A smile that can even melt the heart of the coldest girl
Eyes that you will get lost even it was just a glance
Voice that will ring your blood to sing in joy
His scent is rush with wine and menthol
But the greatest is his touch, a place that I can call home

I have everything, everything I wanted
But what is the sense of this entire gift that I call interim
For I know just in the brief second I turn a round,
He will all be lost with just a memory to hold
But who I am to grief? When I know his just here for a moment

If the time comes he will be long gone
Though painful but if it means his smile, I will gladly give in
Just to see his smile even if just from afar
Even if his smile is all meant for her
I would take it just to see his smile that ache my heart in a wonderful way

So here I say
You are my life now and forever
No one could ever replace you here in me
For you are the only one I gave in and only you’ll be
For the last time but forever in me, heart to soul, head to toe
I love you my angel.

This post was submitted by jette.

Category: Love Poems
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