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I feel the pain, I feel the scare’s….
but you can’t see them, I’ve hidden them far…

All I see is gloom and fear….
My heart pounds, as I shed a tear….

The window that I look through, I try to break with all my might, each time I hit it, there is little fight….

I am so tired, I am so weak…
How can I go on ,when there is very little peace…..

This cloudy glass that block’s my view…
Know in my heart, I still love you….

I can’t give you all of me…
Untill the day I break free…


This post was submitted by Sandy Hurst.


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Why has sadness chosen to be mine, despite my effort to chase it away.

Why has it chosen to be the only one that cares despite my effort to make it far from me.

Why has it decided to always come to me from my source of joy and happiness.
Is it that i’m destined to be close to it or what?

What options do i have to take from? Or i’m i left with the only option of taking my life?

Someone should please tell me what to do before i get overpowered by my predicaments.

This post was submitted by Freezone04..


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Searched around the world, I could find no one
who could end my incompleteness.
There were some who just pretended, my frustration never ended
And I found myself in a total mess.
Surrounded in joy, alone in my sorrow
There was no one to my troubles borrow
They just wore masks of friendliness.
And when this I realized, it left me surprised
This world, a deceitful place.
Then you came into my life one fine day
And turned it around your fine way.
Oh yes!
I had found it in you
I had found a true friend in you.
You make me complete
Without you I’m obsolete.
It’s for you that I wake up every dawn
Wishing that the day never ends
And I wait expectantly all day,
For the meeting of two true friends.
You and I
Me and you
Can rock this world.
Searched around the world, I could find no one
Till I ended up at my doorstep
Where you were waiting like a beautiful angel
To fill my incompleteness
My incompleteness.

This post was submitted by ANSHU KUMAR.


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Everyone needs someone,
And my someone is you;
I knew the day we met,
We’d found love pure and true.
You are all I have needed
To fulfill my every desire,
When I’m in your loving arms
You set my soul on fire.
My love for you is endless;
You are my special someone;
I’m so blessed we’re together
Forever our love will go on.

This post was submitted by SHALU.


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I sit in the shadows of the day crying out a broken window.
A shard of glass produces blood from my left wrist,
Though it doesn’t stop the pain in my mist.
My heart longs for your sweet lips pressed against mine,
And your gentle touch that drives me crazy every time.
I wish upon a shooting star to go back,
I wouldn’t have done those things and you wouldn’t have to pack.
But I know I’ll never have the chance to,
And if it means anything – I love you.

This post was submitted by Jacqueline Bayer.

Love Always

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Shared or alone it doesn’t matter
As long as you’re here with me
I will never envy your presence
It’s your energy I will always need
Sunset to dawn,season to season,
yet you never change
You are everything
You sustain unjust mortal gain
If I were to leave you’d follow me,
I wouldn’t complain
Pour it on me like rain,
Sunshine pumps through my veins
No pain when I’m cut,
Blood is red to remind us
Love is you,Love is them,
Love lives everywhere
Even when I don’t care,
I can always count on Love to be there.

This post was submitted by Shontel Harris.

When You Go

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When you go…

You take with you a piece of my life, my heart,
And although my heart was broken it will heal,
And although a piece of my life is forever gone,
I will still have memories….
Memories of the love, the hope, the caring,
Of our family as it was and will never be again.
Please remember…

When you go…

You take with you a piece of me,
Of something that was willingly shared,
A part that was given to you,
So that we could be more together than we could be alone,
Please cherish it…

When you go…

The hole in my heart will heal,
The scar will form,
The pain will subside,
And I will be whole again…
Please let it be…

When you go…

I will not forget,
Our time, the love,
The innocence of a new marriage, a new family,
Please do not forget this…

This post was submitted by B Stephen Forshay.

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