What You Do To Me

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You make me so happy,
I can almost forget home,
I can just be happy
For a moment in time

I don’t know if you realize
That you do this to me,
You’re the break I need from my life
You make everything in the world look wonderful

Whenever I’m with you, I am alive
But when your not there,
I become depressed again,
Even if you are only a room away

I can’t stand being away form you
As soon as I see you in the hallway,
I can’t help but get
The biggest smile on my face

I love you so much,
You’ve stuck with me through a lot
And I really appreciate that,
You have done so much for me
And I owe you so much,

But how can you repay someone
Who gave you your life back…

This post was submitted by Emily Sutter.

Category: Love Poems
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