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Why all of a sudden did you have to change?
Why in the world did you begin acting so strange?
Why did you let things change your mind?
Why was it so easy to leave me behind?
Why have you let go of who you really are ?
Why did you pretend our relationship would go so far?
Why did you make promises to stick by my side?
Why couldn’t we make it thru this last and final ride?
Why did you give up on me, what did I do?
Why did you let another man take my place of being with you?
Why am I so stuck on you, I really don’t know?
Why cant it be so easy for me just to let go?
Why you chose this path is beyond my control?
Why now do I have to rebuild my mind, body, and soul?
Why am I looking back, I guess to say goodbye?
Why I wrote this poem, just to ask why?

This post was submitted by craig weinstein.

Category: Break Up Poems
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2 Responses

  • Sis Weinstein says:

    I <3 and miss you so much brother ;,( It wasnt enough time with you,this isnt fair.I 'll see up there though,and you wrote the most amazing poems,songs,letters,drawings everything you did was amazing.

  • sapphire hosein says:

    i’m gonna use that poem today thanks



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