A day!

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When i saw you that day
I wished i could fly
We talked everyday
but now, everything became a lie
it started when you forgot my b-day
and you were always away
you didn’t even try
I don’t know what i have to say
I always have to cry
every night, to the moon and the sky
When you looked at me
something made me feel free
and sometimes, I just didn’t want to see.
Everyone has a chance.now or later
the first time we met ,
I thought we might be forever
Day after day, I couldn’t forget
and that day, it was the best ever
because you were so hard to get.

But everything has changed
and we don’t seem to be together
Now, when you’re gone
I walk this empty street all alone!

This post was submitted by nathalie.

Category: Love Poems
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