Goodbye My lovely Cat

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My cat was lying over there,
I thought he’s find but he was over
Although his self was gone forever
but his memories stays with me together..

All of his memories flashback to me
like playing nice like active kitty
running, biting, together with his mommy
and playing with his brother normally

Five hours before his death arrival
I watched and observed his vital
it’s unfair for him to leave with full of rivals
that making him more strong and normal..

I saw my cat lying on the mat
I observed his breathing and it was bad
oh! he’s not breathing please help me GOD..

I prayed to God with all my heart
Praying that God will accept the soul of my love
I love you and Goodbye my lovely cat… T.T

This post was submitted by Glyn Estillore.

Category: Pet Poems
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One Response

  • michael sardo says:

    I was touched by the loss of your cat.I know what it means to lose a friend.I lost my tabby cat so I wrote a poem about her. I can’t type too well but if you’re interested I can mail you a copy I think about My Tabby very often.She was my best friend. By the way I’m 81 years old. michael sardo



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