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Missing You

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I still turn around and hope to see you there
I still hear your voice call my name
I still see you in my dreams
I still crave for your company
I still think you’ll be there when I get home
but your not
I miss you terribly
and think of you often
but the best part of losing you
is having the memory of
missing you.

This post was submitted by Carrie Mao.

I lived my life…

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I lived my life
I lived it twice
And now i’m here to stay.

At the end of the day
I’ll give up and pray
That you’ll come back and say…

I’ll love you till the end…
Even if this road will break and bend
Sweet lovers sitting under a tree
Making you please

Ive dreamed a dream
lived my life
And all I wanted to be was your wife
Oh baby come back
this ain’t no contract

Little baby’s tears
crying from a heartfelt of Fears
six thousand minuets
this isn’t enough time to win it

Cause Were Colder than cold
solid like gold
And If we break
before we awake
I’ll love you till the end
I’ll love you till the end.

This post was submitted by claire logerfer.


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My mind is racing, and I am reaching,
Reaching out to you.
My throat is sore, from all my calling,
Calling out for you.
My eyes are tired, from all their searching,
Searching out there for you.
My tears seem endless, as they keep falling,
Falling because of you.
My heart is breaking, from all its aching,
Aching only for you.
My feet grow tired, from all this running,
Running to get to you.
My heart is tired, tired of aching,
Aching for only you.
My eyelids fall, tired of searching,
Searching out there for you.
My voice grows faint, tired of my calling,
Calling out to you.
My arms grow heavy, from all their reaching,
Reaching out there for you.
My body grows weary, as my mind keeps racing,
Racing to understand you.

This post was submitted by sara.

Missing You

DownUp +1

You feel so close
Yet your so far away
I wish I could feel your warmth once more
I want to be able to tell you
How much I love you and miss you
How much I cry for you
Hurt for you
Wish for you
I cannot help thinking of you
Its like you have jumped inside my head
So that i can only think of you
I feel so empty and miserable without you
I sometimes wish I could die
It would be less painful
Then hurting for you every second of everyday.

This post was submitted by Brittney Ross.

The September Day

DownUp +1

I got the news that September day,
And all I could do was pray,
Pray that it wasn’t true,
But God decided he needed you,
I miss you more and more each day,
Because there was so much more I had to say,
I feel that you’re still here,
But every now and then I shed a tear.
I know that I will see you again,
And I can not wait ’till then.

This post was submitted by christian.

The Man I Once Knew

DownUp +1

I remember when you use to call me baby,
And everything felt so right.
I remember how you were before that horrible night.
We would talk for hours and all you could talk about was me.
You use to write me poems,
But once you couldn’t talk to me it was like I was never there.
Like we never happened, we were just a dream.

The man I once knew loved me,
He actually showed he cared.
You acted like the rest of our life was planned out
Like your heart was meant to be mine.
All I want to know is how you feel.
I am afraid of losing you!
To me you are my life and you always said I was yours,
But I don’t understand…
If I was then why are you acting life this?

Why can’t you be the man I once knew?
I miss your touch,
Your voices,
The way you make me feel every time you come around.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you baby.
I can’t see anything but us and our future.
Please go back to the man you were,
Baby I need you.

Do you even want to try anymore?
Are you giving up on us?
Where’s the man I once knew?
Where is the husband I know of?
I miss you baby,
Please come back to me!

This post was submitted by Caitlin.

We will miss you

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Mom I understand
that God does have a plan

When God create you, there was a reason.
Someone to love us and care for us
without rhyme or reason.
Now God has come an pluck you at this time
and this season.

Just the other day
the angles came
and took you to heaven where you can
walk dance sing
and breath again So mom
how are those angle wings?

I want you to sing
like you never sang before
I want you to dance
until you can’t dance no more

And when it’s our time
we want to see your face waiting for us at heavens door

So today we are going to celebrate
in everything
that made you great

We love you
and will see you soon
so rember to save us some room

So today we can find peace
And today
you can finely breath……
Thank you so much for loving me.

This post was submitted by Shannell.

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