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Missing you

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I miss you my dear one…
each day i awake,..
lonely and longing your return
each night i stay awake,..
thinking of you my love…

For you im right even if im wrong
you made me smile but broke my heart
crying with darkness saying…
never leave me alone
but you just left me behind…

This post was submitted by br0ken_still<316.

Me Without You

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What’s Jack without Jill, what’s day without night;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
What’s Kermet without Piggy, what’s a world with no light;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
What’s Tigger without Pooh, what’s a boxer with no fight;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
I could still see your beauty, if my eyes had no sight;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.
My eyes want to see you, my arms want to hold you.
My hands…well, they’re just big and clammy.
But I miss and love you!
This is a very strange poem, you probably think I can’t write;
But if you read more of my work, you would know that I’m tight.
You make my heart soar, like a high flying kite;
What’s me without you, life just ain’t right.

This post was submitted by Zachary Johnson.

Without You

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Without you I feel so incomplete
Without you my heart forgets to beat
It feels there’s something missing in my heart
A great friend ,a good companion as the morning starts!
You’ve always helped me in bad situations
And always inspired me for my new poems’ creations
Without you I can live but I’m habitual of yours
So it will take some time for the cure
Without you everything in this world seems just so fade
And everything’s just silently laid
You just gave me whatever a girl wants
A smile,happy moments and a few flaunts!!

This post was submitted by Mansi.

Last Night Dream

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Last night i was thinking about u;
a smile came across my face, so very true..

I noticed u were all alone;
leaving me u had gone..

I cried and cried till my eyes were red;
living my life without u, i was so afraid..

The pain of missing u never stopped;
my life went numb and i was shocked..

Promise me u will never go;
never make me feel that low..

This post was submitted by jigar parekh.

My BFF Is Leaving me

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My BFF is very smart
My BFF is good at art
Another school she will be
Oh, I wil be missing you terribly
I never held anyone so close and so tight
You are the one I think of through the night
As you leave me
Soon enough I’ll see
That no one else ever liked me so much
hey you sure are oh so very lush
And everything you do
affects everyone around you
I lost what I need
i’m like a sprouting seed
I’ll miss you Terribly.

This post was submitted by Sam.


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Moments with you
Are all I ever wish for
Ever since I learnt to say
I love you too
For loneliness now engulfs me
Making me to miss you more.

I would rather kiss a miss
But never miss a kiss
From the angel of my life
The one who makes my heart beat
For my love is without measure.

I thought I would learn
From experience
To forget you once we are apart
But no,
The distance is too much for me to bear.

Tears stinks my eyes
As thoughts crisis-cross my y mind
But I cannot cry
Nor laugh my lungs out
Because my memory meter
Is blank
Waiting for you to refill it
And for that,am missing you.

It is quite absurd
That I have to restrain
My feelings and desires
Of you,you the one I love
But still,am holding on
Since the love I have for you
Is the greatest
Babie,am missing you.

This post was submitted by Donah Chilo.

Desperate for His Love

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Why is it like this?
Its just not right.
we’re supposed to be happy,
yet all we do is fight.
I cannot take this,
no, i WILL NOT take this.
all I truly want is the way we used to be,
but this will be the last time
I attempt this desperate please.
i love you with my entire soul,
i will do whatever it takes;
my heart will not allow me to let go
regardless of whats at stake.
you’ve given me the greatest gifts
and for that im forever thankful;
you’ve also taken some away
and for that im forever hopeful.
i only want to be with you
but i cannot do it on my own,
you say you want to be with me too
but i yet i cry alone.
i never want to hurt you,
you’re what makes my every day
but in the end i happened to realize
you have to want to stay.
i am ready to start over,
you may again have my heart.
or will it be the same old thing?
excuses to keep us apart…
i dont want to wait for love
when its right there is my grasp,
i do, however, want a love thats real
and one thats going to last.
i believe with all my heart your love is the love i need,
but are you willing to give it back to me,
that is the question here indeed…
i love you, i love you, i love you;
that is all i have left to say,
and like i said before, my love
you have to want to stay.

This post was submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

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