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They say that time will heal all wounds
But am not so sure that’s true,
Because every second of every day
My thoughts are all of you.

I just cannot fathom the awful thought
Of you not being here with me,
To look in your eyes of see your face
Or for all of us to see.

Could it just be that i am afraid
To admit that your really gone
Or have to say goodbye to you,
And know that it’s time to move on.

So if time does” really heal all wounds
Then why does it hurt so bad,
Like a searing knife right through my soul,
leaving me cold disillusioned..and sad..

This post was submitted by Judy Strelek.

When You Go

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When you go…

You take with you a piece of my life, my heart,
And although my heart was broken it will heal,
And although a piece of my life is forever gone,
I will still have memories….
Memories of the love, the hope, the caring,
Of our family as it was and will never be again.
Please remember…

When you go…

You take with you a piece of me,
Of something that was willingly shared,
A part that was given to you,
So that we could be more together than we could be alone,
Please cherish it…

When you go…

The hole in my heart will heal,
The scar will form,
The pain will subside,
And I will be whole again…
Please let it be…

When you go…

I will not forget,
Our time, the love,
The innocence of a new marriage, a new family,
Please do not forget this…

This post was submitted by B Stephen Forshay.

I Am Leaving You

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Who are you to say that i won’t find another,
another that don’t act like you thinking you my mother,
yeah right you should chill and pump your breaks,
cuz when i’m gone all is left is your heart aches,
yeah we been through some years i know,
but i never thought you would stoop so low,
wow thats a laugh even in the funny pages,
cuz the next man wont be so nice,
maybe he will have you swinging from cages ,
for now im packing all my things,
you can throw love away even the wedding ring..,
oops..pawn shop you kinda had that coming,
and you think im running ,
no im leave you for something new for a whole new,
world that you didnt know that was in front of you.

This post was submitted by jermaine smith.


DownUp -1

You’d always been there by my side
Promising love
Showing care
Or at least what I thought I saw and felt
You’d let me fall for you
When I did
I didn’t know, you wouldn’t be there to catch me
You left me all alone
You’d destroyed everything you’d taught me
You’d let me questioned myself and for what I believed in
You’d left me wondered if there’s truth in things
I never thought of this happening
I was hurt.
It’s too painful, I can almost taste it…
I don’t know what went wrong
You never offered explanation
I waited…I hoped…I wished things could get better…
But I waited in vain
And even if it’s wrong to hold on after everything…I still did
Time heals they say…probably
What I just know is that feelings would not change so easily…
I know I have to deal with it the hard way.

This post was submitted by AL Corpuz.

No Second Chances

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The darkness is overwhelming me.
Every time I see your face I feel like I’m
Invisible why? Because you cause my
Heart to shatter in many pieces.
Why are there so many pains?
I lost all my respect to you.
You can’t gain the respect back.
I’m so over you, your time is up.
You broke my heart the first time, its over
No second chances.

This post was submitted by Alicia.

Breaking a heart

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Breaking a heart;
and a dear one to hurt
with reluctance we part
and our lives become a-part
destroying that which was
like dust whisked into oblivion
this part of life that has come to pass
when my dear we part.

Thus i wish you well
in this cruel world that we dwell
and if you do tell
of our love that fell
tarnish not our sweet days
leave but a clear page
that would continue at some stage

venture and seek life’s new
lull your heart with life’s joys to
be happy if you may
and brighten each of your days
with thoughts wild and free
and look ahead of what is to be

with an open heart i bid you farewell
i blessed you to, your days to be swell
and if things things turn out right
and another you find
you’ll know that in life
we have to let go at some point
lest the good ones pass us by-
thus make merry and enjoy your sweet days…
from my heart, this I do say.

This post was submitted by erique2u.

How I Always Loved You

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You never left my heart , you always stayed
While I was walking. Going day by day.
Dreading the fact that you left ,
But while that was happening ,
You seemed deaf.
You acted like you couldn’t hear me ,

So you could go out with your friends to have a blast and party.
Now you want me back while my heart is healing.
I was building a bridge that now your peeling.
I can never stay away from you long enough ,
To gain back my trust for someone good enough.

You always seem to disappear ,
Leaving me to think your never going to be here.
I always watch others kiss ,
While I’m sitting here left to reminisce .
Why should I live in regret ,
Knowing that we were never going to be it ?

This post was submitted by Haley Stanley.

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