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DownUp +32

How come you walk away from someone you love
And decided to turns as like nothing happen
How come you opened a locked door
And closed in one as strong at a time.

I can still remember the image of your face
The moment you said “We are going to stay forever and ever”
For we uttered such sweetest words
Now, I wonder how this could be.

Does forever and ever are just words?
You made me as a whole
And showed me how to love in unconditional
Yet, you are crossing your words

You are perfect in my eyes
And no one else could ever makes me feel this way
I could not just compare you in anyone in this world
You showed me that TRUE LOVE exist

There, I thought, I finally found someone true
Yet, I was wrong and wrong again
How could you break a heart that beats you alone?
My love for you just won’t die down easily.

I wish you would open your eyes and dare to look at me
And hear “I love you and I don’t want to let you go”
But it seems you don’t even care
Just everything goes shambles without you

I just wish I could learn to forget
To forget the image of your smile and be deaf of your cracks
You taught me to handle when everything goes tough
But you forget to teach me to stand still whenever you’re gone

I know I was been even more tough to be drive
But, I tried my best to change and seem my best not enough
Yet, it’s too late, you already blow it away
It seems you are content to left me and walk far

You even doubt when I said I love you, please DON’T!
I may be even more regimented
But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you
I love you more than you’ll ever know

But, now you simply changed
That breaks my heart in pieces
An ink pot of tears as I write this thought
Each word within is equal to one tear drop.

Yet, despite of all we’ve been through
I can’t learn to hate and forget you
Just imagining the image of your face and
hear your cracks
All anger is gone.

This post was submitted by wanie sani.

It’s really hurts

DownUp +8

It’s been days since we become
Since we looked into each others eye
Not realizing where it going to lead us

It’s been days since we started
Since we shared our smiles and laughs
Though we can’t make it real

Fallen in a wrong place and wrong time
Baby, why you just came now?
When everything’s cannot be possible

If it’s written in the sky
I would rather sleep as possible as I can
Than to wake up one day without you

But you leave, got no way to cease you
To make you stay even just at a time
Baby, why you need to go?

Don’t you know that it tears me up inside
I used to cry many times a day and night
And my heart broke in pieces

Mine, I am totally lost since you leave
I wish I tried something to make you stay
Even bad times, I’d rather stay with you

Now, that I really miss you
Want to leave this place but have no place to go
Everywhere I go I can see you here and there

If you could just imagine how it hurts me so
I got no way to make you stay
How much more to make you mine

Wish I could just close my eyes not to see you
And block my ears not to hear your noise
For every time our moments comes in my mind
It’s really hurts me so.

This post was submitted by wanie sani.


DownUp +8

We’ve come so far
But you leave me all alone
Am I just dreaming when you said
Only death can make us apart

I almost give everything to you
Giving you all my trust
And loving you like no other
Is it not enough?

I can’t believe you are leaving
I even don’t know the reason why
Am I not enough to be love?
Nor don’t deserve to be love

You said my life might be so miserable
No, what is life without you
I want you to know
I can’t learn living without you

Why you need to go?
This can’t be real
Don’t you have any conscience?
To leave it all behind.

This post was submitted by wanie sani.

I hate it, I love it

DownUp +1

I hate it,
I hate the way i cry over you,
I hate the way when we see each other neither of us know wat to do,
I hate the feeling you give me when your gone,
I hate the way i cant move on,
I hate the way you treat me like I dont mean anything to you,
I hate the way you act like your a player and you are nt staying true,
I hate the way you always avoid me,can you not see that it hurts me?
I hate the way this relationship has resulted to nothing,
If you really wanted me you would have done something,
I hate the way all i am to you is a name,
I hate thee way it seems as if all i am is a puppet in your little game,
I hate the way we say were bf and gf but never play the part,
And i hate the way i feel when were apart.

I love it,
I love the way you smile at me as i walk past you in the halls,
Like nothing could keep us apart not even the walls,
I love the way you made me feel when your around,
Its as if im falling but you would never let me hit the ground,
I love the way your heart belongs to me,
I love all the others girls can look but they will never be,
I love the way im yours and your mine,
But if you really want me please give me a sign,
I love the way you hve me and i have you,
But will we last and make it through?

This post was submitted by Rachel Windfield.

Without me bleeding

DownUp +7

Its funny how you came so fast,
funnier how you told me we would last.
It was funny how you swept me off my feet,
funnier how you pulled me in so deep.

without the smile upon you face,
you grew cold and made us seem like
a waste of time and my faith.

i tried over and over again to love you,
but it wasn’t the issue,
it was you finally trusting me
and realizing i was not the one for you.
instead of being real you took me down and under.

i just think its so funny
how i thought my life would end with you.
its funnier how i thought you believed in it to.
like the feelings were mutual between us two.

for some reason, i just cant get over you,
maybe it was how you lied til we were through.
how you turned around and asked me t wait for you,
how you took me through the fire and left me to burn without you.

i find it fascinating how you can keep stabbing me in my heart, without me bleeding..

This post was submitted by Chaznique.


DownUp +1

When you were gone
I just shattered …….
Helpless I stood
And it didn’t mattered
My life was a blank
Where I had nothing to write
People fooled me around
And I couldn’t even fight.
I just wanted to……
Hold your hand
And run away to places,
Where only we can stand.
But Life never ….. understood us
And made us go very far .
Where we had our seprate worlds,
But our hearts are still in that jar.

This post was submitted by ash.

The Darker Side

DownUp +2

I like being awake in the evening night,
When everybody’s sleeping tight
Cause behind my face smiling,
Is a tortured girl, crying

Every night
When the moon’s shining bright,
And silence overflows,
I hide myself as the real me shows

Under my blanket,
I close my eye socket,
As tears fall down,
And I do a great frown

And all I can do is to hug my pillow
But still the tears won’t go
Nothing changes, no matter what I do,
Cause all I need is you…

This post was submitted by Audrey.

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